Friday, December 9, 2011

I'm going back to Toronto tomorrow morning. I'm betting I'll be seeing a much larger kitten. This photo was from my week home in November. It'll be nice to be home and be able to focus on studying because I definitely have not done much of it in Montreal this past week. I also need to get my Creative Writing pieces in order (and actually start writing).

On Sunday I'm going to this Craft sale in Toronto that I am really excited about! I have already planned to get all of my Christmas gifts there. More info about "City of Craft" here if you live in Toronto and are interested in going!  

Monday, December 5, 2011

My fall semester is coming to an end. I had the most amazing weekend! I only have one exam on the 15th so I am trying to take advantage of my free time and explore the city before it gets unbearably cold.

So this weekend I saw feist! It was unbelievable. My friends and I got there about an hour before so we were feet away from Feist when she performed! Also, we witnessed the most adorable proposal! At one point in the concert, the video camera on stage zoomed in onto this drum that had a little note with a proposal on it. Before the next song started, Feist asked what had happened and the entire crowd was silent until the guy yelled, "She said yes!" and the entire venue cheered! It was amazing.

I also made a doilie garland finally! I have about 1000 doilies in my room and they have been in their packages until yesterday. I'm liking how it looks in my room!

When I went exploring yesterday I also picked up issue 11 of Four Minutes to Midnight with the most beautiful illustrations. Kevin Lo, the creator of Four Minutes to Midnight, actually spoke to one of my classes this semester. Anyway I haven't had the chance to read through it yet, but the illustrations by Sophie Jodoin are really beautiful. More about the zine here.

I also FINALLY got my hands on a Lula issue! I've been wanting one for so long. My friend works at a magazine store and picked one up for me. I'm glad I know where to find them now. I've just started looking through it, but I am definitely falling in love. Miranda July is interviewed! There is photography by Autumn de Wilde! Perfect issue!

Hopefully I will have more to post later this week because I vowed that I will not start studying until the 8th and until then need to explore and have as much fun as possible!