Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I've been terrible again, sorry! I have been trying to organize my life in Montreal.. aka find a job, which has not been so fun. But right now I am in Toronto (well until later today) which has been really great and I've missed the city a lot.

I thought I would post some photos of one of my final intermedia projects! Here was my "wunderkammer" which basically means a cabinet of curiosity. Although the guidelines were very broad, the project was mean to wow the audience in a way. I really didn't want to immediately "wow" people by just adding a lot of things to a box and tried to take a more subtle and detailed approach which I think stays a little more true to my aesthetic. So my project was called "Fabric of Memory" which basically looked at the construction and manipulation of memories through the metaphor of fabric and clothing. I used two poems from my Poetry class that I wrote, both surrounding childhood instances that I'm not sure are real or not. I transferred them onto the clothing and then also played with sheer fabrics. Also all of the fabrics were from Salvation Army, because I wanted to use fabrics that already had memories engrained in them to construct my own narrative. Anyway enough of my blabbering, here are some photos, I'm hoping to get more detailed shots later and I'll post those when I get back to Montreal!