Friday, September 30, 2011

Hello! I have been so MIA but I hope the new photos make up for it. This past month has been such a change, its been difficult to focus on the blog or anything other than my new environment. School has also started, and work has been consistently overwhelming but I definitely want to start focusing on my blog now!

I live in this amazing old house in Montreal where the floors creak in just the right way. I am slowly adjusting to my new room and its finally feeling so homey. The white radiators around my room are also prime shelving space for all of my trinkets (I feel like such a hoarder in this new house) and the photography above is my bedroom view.

School has been a little overwhelming since I have started my creative writing minor but I'll stick to the positives for this blog entry haha. Anyway I have lots of reading to do, but I promise I'll be posting more consistently from now on!

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