Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I've been stressing for the past two days, I left all of my work until the weekend.... Will I ever learn?? Anyway, my poems that I thought were due Monday ended up being due like during the week and I hadn't started until yesterday. So I had to write two poems that I'm not proud of at all and send them in. I'm pretty frustrated with myself. And pretty nervous for Monday when they have to be workshopped. Oh well. Today, I need to write a really good draft of my Short Story since it's due on Wednesday.. It's going okay so far, not great. Definitely have some major edits to do, unlike my last story which was pretty easy to write once I started.

Anyway the main reason for this blog post is that I can announce my open project that I mentioned a little while ago! My group and I are creating an interactive zine for our final project, and we would love submissions (from you!) Click here for more details! I've also attached the poster I made for the submissions. The deadline is March 9th and it would be great if you submitted! 

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