Monday, August 1, 2011

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I saw Crazy Stupid Love this weekend and loved it. It was really funny but also had very serious and sad parts throughout. Cried so hard at the end. I kind of want to see it again but I'll probably wait for the DVD release haha.

I also went to H&M and did some shopping, definitely need to go back for more things, only ended up getting one top. I'm desperately trying to find warm sweaters for Montreal (already anxiously fearing the freezing winters) and couldn't find any (that were reasonably priced) anywhere! I feel like I'll end up needing to scour the men's sections at various stores..

1// This is just one photograph, I wish I had more pictures of this space, it's so lovely. I love the splashes of colour and brightness in the room. Looks so homey! Found image here.
2//Definitely my next sewing project! I love scalloped skirts, and this one is really cute. The website I found this on, Burda Style, is really great and there are a bunch of free patters. Here is the link for the skirt pattern.
3// Creamy avocado pasta. How is this even possible! I want to try this right away. Found the recipe here. Oh She Glows is a great food blog if you are vegetarian or vegan, check it out!
4// I want this backpack for back to school. The backpack is from boyfren/girlfren and is so cool, I absolutely love it. Found via Commas and Clauses (a great blog by the way).
5// How amazingly comfortable does this sweater look? If I ever find one like this, I am getting it in every colour they offer. Does anyone know where to find one? It's been surprisingly difficult to find a simple sweater like this. Maybe because it's August? Haha, I'm just a little excited for my favourite season to finally be here! via here.
6// Now I love this design. So simple and I love the colours. The artist, Arian Behzadi, has a flickr found here. I find his work completely inspiring. Take a look! Found via Hazel Castle.
7// Like I said, Hate the heat. Humidity and my hair just don't mix. I hate wearing pastel colours. And being my level of pale in the summer is just not seen as acceptable. This photograph makes me so excited to start bundling up! Found via BLA.
8//Zach Condon! I love Beirut! I am also so excited to be seeing them tomorrow night. AND Owen Pallett, one of my other favourite musicians, is opening! Perfect concert, I'm so excited! Here is a link to one of my many favourites. Photo from here. (also, I LOVE HIS TATTOOS)
9// Lastly, aren't these rings so cute? Simple yet so fun and unique! Would definitely like to add a handful of these to my jewelry collection.

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